The true inspiration behind the company…

Edmund D’Ottavio


My father was a family man.   Married to my mother for 33 years they had seven children together.  To him family was everything.  He was a man of integrity and dedication.  His family and friends knew him as compassionate, gracious and humble.  Friends would seek his advice and help in everyday situations.  He was a true friend to all.  A brief conversation with him and you would leave feeling validated, capable and ready to take on life’s challenges.

My father had a very successful career in construction management both in the private and public sector.  He also owned and operated his own construction company, D’Ottavio Construction Inc., which DCI Concepts is named after.  He was talented and creative, winning many awards and accolades in both design and management throughout his career.

DCI Concepts would not have been possible without my father being the role model and mentor that he was.   Everything I know I learned from him.  He was the reason I had the desire to start my own company and to go into business for myself.  For that I will always be thankful.

Ed D’Ottavio